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Top 10 Hacks for Budget Travelers

Leisure travel is great, but when you are on a strict budget, you need to make sure you put every penny to good use. It does not mean you settle for less, budget travel lets you experience the finer and simpler things this world has to offer. An acquired skill, budget travelling takes years to master. While you can pick up more skills on the go, we are here to give you a kick-start in the world of budget travelling. Here are my top 10 hacks to help you plan and sustain on your budget trip.

1. Dear Diary –

Budget travel begins and ends with scrutinised planning. Download a budget tracking app on

your phone or go old school and carry a diary around, whatever floats your budget boat.

Planning ahead will give you the leisure of choosing your time of travel, along with your mode of

travel. If you are traveling indefinitely, then give yourself a daily spend budget to stretch out

your money for as long as you can.

2. Early Bird Tickets –

Everyone knows that the closer your travel date is; the more expensive tickets are. Airlines tend

to benefit from this urgency because most times people tend to book the overpriced tickets

because of their immediate need. Booking early saves you a ton of money and also gives you

more time to plan the rest of your itinerary according to your travel dates. The best time to

book your tickets is two months prior to your date of travel.

3. Off-Season Is Your Season –

Long weekends, summer holidays and festive holidays are not your best friends. The travel

industry hikes up their prices during these times to get more out of their customers. You also

need to check the holiday schedule of the place you are traveling to, because it might be off

season for you but not for them. Research the best time to visit your destination, which is

usually right before the holiday season begins.

4. Weekdays Are Chill & Cheap –

Weekends call for excursions, it’s the time families and individuals get for themselves from their

busy routines. Which means that prices are bound to take a hike. As a budget traveler, skipping

out on weekends means you save money and also avoid crowds in touristy places. Traveling on

weekdays also save you from extended lines at the airports or traffic on the highways. If you

plan on traveling by railways, a night train saves you from a night of accommodation, and also

gives you an extra day as you reach your destination in the morning.

5. Early & Essentials Is Your Packing Mantra –

Packing early gives you enough time to figure out what you are missing out on, so that you can

make the required arrangements. While packing your essentials is vital to avoid unnecessary

shopping at your destination. Imagine buying an expensive windbreaker because you forgot to

pack yours, or splurging on a leather jacket because you did not check the weather. Doing your

research makes all the difference in the world.

6. Ace Your Accommodation –

Expensive hotel rooms will burn a hole in your travel budget and cut short your trip significantly.

Opting for homestays, hostel rooms or shared rooms is always a good option. Cheap hotels and

lodges also fit the budget as most of these accommodation alternatives have all the basic

amenities that are clean and comfortable. A good bed, washroom with running water, and

hygiene should be your checklist while looking for accommodation.

7. Brainy Bargaining –

Often people don’t ask for upgrades or deals because they are afraid of being judged. But while

you are traveling on a budget, you need to understand that negotiating and cracking a good deal

can only help you. There’s no harm in asking. Sometimes hotels and flights give you free

upgrades simply because the rooms or seats are vacant. You can also crack deals with your

accommodation provider if you plan on staying for a longer time.

8. Eat Local –

Looking for a specific cuisine can get expensive. However, if you adjust your taste buds to the

local taste, you end up getting the best food at the best prices. If you are afraid that it might not

suit your health, look for places that are crowded. If the locals trust that place, then there is no

need for you to worry either. Eating locally also enhances your travel experience as it gives you a

taste of the culture that you are exploring.

9. Travel Local –

Hiring private cabs and taxis might end up costing you a fortune. But using the counterpart is a

huge travel hack. Every country has their own public transport, which are specially run for the

mass public at cheap prices. In this digital age, most of the information about how to travel

using public transport is readily available on apps or on the web. Ask a fellow citizen to help you

out and you might just end up learning their way of life.

10. Skip The Souvenirs –

By skipping out on souvenirs we don’t mean you shouldn’t buy anything. We all liking bringing

back something from our travels to remind us of the time we had there, but sometimes

souvenirs can be really expensive. Ask the locals where they shop and go to those stores instead

of the usual souvenir shops. The local markets tend to be much cheaper and will also allow you

to choose from a variety of options. It doesn’t always have to be fridge magnets; your souvenir

can also be a scented candle that reminds you of the time you spent there.

Budget traveling doesn’t just mean saving money, it also means traveling in the smartest and

the most stylish way possible. Exploring exotic places on a budget is an adventure in its own.

Because in the end, travel is an investment in yourself. SkyLink offers a bunch of packages

specially tailored for budget travelers. Check out our website to know more!


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