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The Chimney Factory

It’s a coney island.

The Chimney Factory brings you street food straight from the nooks and corners of Hungary. A

chimney cone filled with sweet or savoury is exactly what you will get at this place. The chimney

cone comes as per your order, with the sweet ones glazed with maple syrup and oreo dust

while the savoury ones have mixed herbs on them. A range of 22 options in the sweet

department, your sweet tooth is going to drag you back here again & again. Blending Italian

they offer Mamma Rosso in savoury with more 6 options. The glow in the dark chimney cone is

a must click for everyone who goes there. They also have a number of milkshakes and coolers

to accompany your chimney cone, with their Charcoal Milkshake being the most Insta-friendly.

Vishesh Tippani - Their Tasmanian Devil is a treat for dark chocolate lovers.


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