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Leveraging Organic Community on Social Media

Remember the days when all the people living in a village would get together at the end of the day

to talk about their daily lives, others lives and the usual banter? In today’s age, that is social media

for you, only much bigger. It’s the place where people meet and conversations brew, it’s that trusted

friend whose advises you count on; it’s the place where brands go from just being a company to a

community. Where there’s community, there is trust and most important, loyalty.

Here are some ways you can leverage organic community on social media:

Asli masale sach sach

When it comes to discussing about paid and organic social media, there’s always an internal war that goes on. What we need to understand is that both of these are siblings and they work best when they work together. So while paid social media will get you exposure, organic will retain the people it’s exposed to. When people see your ad online, they will trace their way to your page and make an opinion about you looking at your social media presence. Organic community building is the authentic spice and paid is the one that you add when you wish to go that extra mile.

Hum saath-saath hain

When we’re in a family we ask other members for their opinions and advice for almost everything.

Such is the online family. When we wish to buy something, we rely on online reviews. It’s just as

important to us as reviews from our friends. When you build an online community, you can get your

past customers to review you, they are your brand ambassadors. When you treat them as family,

you can fall back on them when things go wrong. Family is a lifelong commitment and such a

community will reap you long-term benefits.

Kripya dhyan dijiye

When you go to the market to buy vegetables, there will be a number of vendors calling out to you, but what grabs your attention is not the commotion but the quality of vegetables. Content that fills your social media will not necessarily grab the attention of your audience. Catch the reader’s eye and keep them engaged with the quality of your content. Your audience will give their time to the content that is relevant to them.

Chai pe charcha

Strike a conversation with your followers, it will get them engaged and people will start talking about you as a brand. When a majority of people are talking about you, it’s bound to get others interested. Ask questions, hold polls, interact through contests and get them to know you as a brand. Knowing what people are talking about and joining in on the conversation is a great way to build a rapport with your followers.


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