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Turn Your Home Into Your Comfort Zone

With the swift pace that our lives are moving in, there is a salient need to stop and take a breath. A conscious effort to not get dwindled by our busy lives needs to be made because we are not here to survive, but live. Your home should be a place where you can unwind after a hectic day, it should be able to keep your stress outside the front door, and it should be your safe haven. Strive to make your home into a place you’d love to go to after going through your daily grind by adopting some of these tricks.

The front door charm

An inviting front door gives out a positive feeling about the house even before you have entered. The front door should have articles that entice you to go inside the house. Things like a welcome mat, portraits, and plants work well. Don’t underestimate the power of subtle prompts. A simple sign reading ‘hello’ can immediately change your mood.

Work with the walk

When you walk in after a long day the first thing you’d like to do is sit on the couch and luxuriate. However, if the way to your couch is obstructed by other furniture, you are unconsciously repulsed by it. Keeping a clear path to your couch and an easy access to the rest of the room works miraculously in making sure you feel at ease.

The soft grip

Pillow and rug is one of the most basic comfort solutions. But we often forget how much they can influence our repose. Fluff pillows on the couch and bed can carry you into a state of tranquillity. A rug next to your bed will let your body wake up in its own pace as your feet will feel the warmth of the rug instead of the cold floor.

A treat for your olfactory senses

A pleasant aroma would top the list for setting the mood right. Nothing seems better than walking into a room with a good fragrance greeting your olfactory senses. Scented potpourri, diffuser and incense sticks do a good job, but if you wish to go a step ahead then bring home scented candles. It enhances your decor, illuminates the room with a positive aura and diffuses a soothing aroma.

A peculiar touch

Pretty lights and elegant furniture is not what makes a home appealing, it’s the little things that paints the house with your personality which truly makes it a home. A home should not look like it is coming straight out of a furniture catalogue, but it should rather speak of you as a person. Adding personal touches will go a long way in making your house feel homely and turning it into your favourite sanctuary.


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