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Origin Bubbles Waffle

A Bandra twist to Hongkong waffles.

Origin Bubbles Waffles came into being when one fine Bandra resident went to Hongkong and

fell in love with their bubble waffles. However, these waffles prepared with egg were given a

Bandra or better yet, an Indian twist. The waffles at this place are prepared using completely

vegetarian ingredients. Other than waffles, they also have cheesecakes on a stick and cheese

teas. Yes, you heard that right. The cheesecakes come on a stick and you can ask for your own

toppings while the cheese teas cannot be described, you need to savour and devour it yourself.

In case you’re confused about their flavours, just order two in a split cup and have the best of

both worlds.

Vishesh Tippani - Their ‘Looks like a million bucks’ really does look like a million bucks and its

comes with a gold leaf to bless your instagram.


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