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Experience based Content Marketing

We are content mongers. We consume content every day, more than we consume water. The best

part being, we don’t even realise it most of the time. It can be in any form, written, pictorial or

videos. But when content is bland, it leaves us devoid of a good experience. It’s the same as eating something delicious. Imagine this, you’re craving something sweet after lunch so you walk to the nearby sweet shop in the sun and order your favourite dish. They serve it to you in a cheap paper plate which gets soaked and your hands become sticky, and you have to walk home with that sticky feeling. It will be bothersome, and the next time you won’t feel like walking all the way there because your last experience was not as great.

Exclusivity in Content

If you’re watching a video on Instagram which was not made for its 1:1 dimension, it will fail to

create the same impact as your original video. Any content that you put forth needs to be specially

altered for your specific platforms. The same example can be turned around for Facebook. You can

risk posting longer captions on Facebook with more information, but a caption on Instagram needs

to be crisp and to the point. For this, brands need to keep in mind that every social media has its

own strengths and the content needs to play along with these strengths to give users the best


Time for Storytelling

Ever since we were kids, our parents tried to grab our attention with storytelling. They did so

because stories kept us hooked and the teaching stayed with us for a longer time. Even after

growing up, stories have a way of grabbing our attention. When content is visualised it creates a

greater impact. The visualisation could be through videos as well as written. If a written content is

able to weave us an interesting story then our curiosity will get the best of us and compel us to read

the complete story. For this, brands need to make sure that the content they put up is able to tell a

story to the users. Even a simple photograph can speak a thousand words.

Stay True to the Brand Identity

AirBnB is known as a platform for providing home- stays all around the world. If it starts posting

content about hotels and promotes them, then it would sway from its true essence. Brands need to

keep in mind that they need to stay true to the brand identity that they have made for themselves.

While LBB gives it own recommendations, things2doinmumbai only covers the place. Both have

different USP’s and it’s what works best for them.

Content Marketing

We are bombarded with marketing messages throughout the day. The only way your content will

reach a user’s mind and make an impact is if it comes along with an experience. When there’s a

personal experience added to your content, it becomes more memorable for the customer.

Customer experience can be enhanced by making content that is shareable. When your content is

interesting, informative and intriguing, it is bound to get more attention leading to shares and

ultimately better chances of conversions. Another way to improve on your customer experience is

by making content all about them. People like to invest their time in things that are relevant to

them. When it’s their desired content they cannot skim through it, they will get to the core of it.

When Ariel came out with its #ShareTheLoad campaign it aimed to take the stain of gender

inequality of our mentality. The video went viral with appreciation coming in from all sides. The

thought behind it evoke a feeling of change in every individual who saw it and it led to a raging fire

that spread across the country. The film threw light upon the uneven distribution of household

chores. Whilst the second film which showed a dad’s point of view got 6.4 million views on Facebook

and strummed all the right emotional chords. This campaign became the face of the brand and a

series of graphic images were posted on Ariel’s social media which showcased inequality. It told a

story, gripping the attention of the audience whilst staying true to the essence of the brand. Ariel

came up with this campaign before it became a trend on social media and left a thought provoking


The video film of Ariel is the perfect example of experience based content marketing as the aim of

content marketing is to grab the customer’s attention and make them read about you. But in today’s

times, it’s not just content that is able to do it, it needs to be backed by a favourable experience for

the customers and Ariel managed to pull this off because of its emotional experience.


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