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Flea Bazaar Cafe, Lower Parel

A melting pot of flavours & culture.

Having a hard time deciding which cuisine you’d like to divulge in? Then head to the Flea

Bazaar Cafe for an all in one experience. Taking the concept of Flea Bazaar’s a step further,

they have brought together some of the best restaurants under one roof. Feeling like Mexican or

Italian? South Indian or Mughlai? Worry not, they have it all. With a huge bar counter by Socials,

your alcohol cravings are taken care of too. An ambience to cater people from every walk of life,

they have stairs for you to chill at, high tables for those sports screenings, garden tables to give

you an outdoorsy feel and of course normal seating jazzed up to make them stand out. From

Mutton Samosas, Wood Fire Pizzas and Sushis, to Chocolate Pani Puri & Nutella and Madras

Kela Parotta, this place is definitely going to make your taste buds do a happy dance.

If you get tired of eating, you can always take a break and do some shopping at their pop-up

shops and then go back to their food extravaganza.


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