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Content Marketing

Content marketing is when a user wants oranges and you serve it to him peeled, and dressed up on a platter. It will leave an imprint of your brand in their minds. It’s about making such an impact with your content that the user can’t resist coming back for more. It’s getting your content to reach the right audience and making sure it’s relevant for them. Content makes a mark when it holds information that is valuable to the consumer. Content marketing is essential for brands as it plays a vital role in retaining consumers. Here are some other reasons content marketing is important.


We often look up to our parents because they have been our trusted source of information from the start. Similarly, when a brand provides appropriate information about things that are related to us, we subconsciously build confidence in them. So when we have a number of options to choose from, we choose the brand that has furnished us with significant information time and again.


Good content is like chocolate, when you see a person eating it, you want it too. If a person likes your content and talks about it, the people around will want to know what the fuss is about. It will lead to a ripple of awareness in the people who had no idea about your brand. Once you have their attention, you need to make sure that the ripple turns into a wave and they are completely blown away with your content.

Organic search

When you wish to buy a new phone, you make sure that the model you choose is the best one out there. For this, you will check out all the possible reviews and then make a conscious decision. SEO is you when it comes to ranking websites. It goes through all the options and presents you with the best ones. And when your content has the calibre to rank higher, it leads to brand visibility. SEO is the chutney to your vada pav, it adds spice and completes the combination.

Lead acquisition

Suppose you read an article about these new shoes that come with an automatic drying mechanism in it, which seems like a perfect solution for those rainy days you have to sit in your office with wet shoes. It’s useful to you, even if you don’t buy them right away it will come back to your mind when monsoon arrives. Content which is relevant to people, will make them come back to your brand when they have a need. Such content will lead the lead to you.

Recurring users

If a stall down the lane sells my new favourite vada pav, then I’m bound to go back there again and again. If your brand imparts content that the users find useful and valuable, then they’re bound to come back again.

Nothing comes easy in this world and if something has so many benefits, it comes with its own challenges too.

  • In a market full of florists, you need to make sure your flowers stand out. Competition is one of the biggest challenges of content marketing. In a world where every topic has been spoken about countless times, you need to make sure when you speak, other voices are drowned out.

  • After making sure your flowers stand out, you need to make sure that you have the best bunch every day. Consistency is the key but you can’t always keep up with it, but you always have to strive for excellence with every content that you produce.

  • Don’t keep selling the same roses and sunflowers, work with orchids and asters too. Getting stuck in your comfort zone will not lead you anywhere. Dive into the realm of evergreen content and keep a batch of fresh content ready to go.

Content Marketing is our local vegetable market. The vendor that has varied vegetables, with fresh produce coming in every day is the one everyone goes to. It has what you need, and it will tempt you to buy what you don’t need too.


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