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Aesthetic Home Decor Ideas

Home is where your heart is, and this should manifest itself in your home. Your home is a reflection of your personality; hence every nook and corner of your house should have your essence to it. Here are some ideas that you could work around.

Vertical Herb Garden

We have grown up using herbs from our homegrown garden. It’s what our ancestors have taught us and while it had utility value back then, you can turn it into a beautiful wall in your kitchen just by giving the garden a twist, or should we say straighten? Herbs are easy to maintain and there’s nothing better than using your own freshly grown ingredients while cooking. Other than getting fresh produce, it will also brighten up your kitchen and the aroma will fill your home with a natural freshness.

Door of Swatches

Swap the same old boring doors with a door of pantone swatches to illuminate your interior with a rainbow of colours. Natural light will stream through these multi-coloured glass pieces and emblazon your house with square patterns of luminous colours. It is a cheerful design concept to add a splash of colour while retaining the elegance of the house.

Rock the Wall

Rocks and pebbles have always been depicted as strong and rough. They work amazingly when you want a rugged appearance in your house. However, if you work well with these same elements they can also give out the most calming and peaceful vibe. A rock wall art does this for you. It works well with dim yellow lights and minimalist furniture. Focus the wall more around pebbles to get the best outcome.

A Sandy Space

The best part about going to the beach is walking barefoot on the sand. It holds an incredible power of soothing your body from head to toe. You can replicate that effect in the comfort of your home by converting a small space into a sand pit. Hang a hammock or simply get a lounger to make it a perfect reading space. Dig your feet in the sand while reading a good book and let calmness take over you.

Wine and Vinyl

A quiet night with wine and your favourite music playing in the background is the way to wind down after a hectic day at work. A corner dedicated to all your favourite Vinyl’s stacked along with fine wine will reflect sophistication with a hint of zing. Such is a perfect setting for those who keep music closest to their heart. You can showcase your collection as it will make a statement in itself and enhance the decor of the house because of your personal touch to it.


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