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5 Places to Sweep You Off Your Feet in Switzerland

Known worldwide because of its snow-capped alps and glaciers, Switzerland may be a small

country, but it has plenty to offer. Adrenaline junkies often find their recluse in the myriad

of adventure activities that the Swiss landscape presents, while the quiet and poetic people

find their shelter in the alpine villages and tiny cafes. The pristine countryside, ancient

castles and clear turquoise lakes also pave way to a rich historical and cultural background.

Zurich and Geneva are especially famous for housing these historical monuments. Whether

you are looking for adventure or simply leisure, the Swiss landscape is sure to leave you

spellbound. Here is our list of the top 5 places you should visit while you are there.


A paradise for adventure lovers, Interlaken is one of the top spots for adventure activities in

the country. Located between the twin lakes, Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, Interlaken is a

beautiful vantage point for paragliding and sky diving. Paragliding over the turquoise waters

promises to be an out of the world experience. However, if you are someone who prefers

having their feet firmly on the ground, Interlaken has something for you too. Indulge your

sweet tooth at the Funky Chocolate Club or simply take a kayak to admire the waters of the

twin lakes.


An alpine village located in the heart of the Uri Alps, Engelberg resonates nature in its

purest form. The panoramic views and breathtaking scenery have turned Engelberg into a

resort village, perfect for relaxation. But don’t be mistaken with its serenity, Engelberg is

also a leading spot for adventure. Ski or snowboard your way down from the 10 amazing

descents found only in Engelberg or take the Titlis Cliff Walk, which is known to be the

highest suspension bridge in Europe, located on Mount Titlis. You can visit Mount Titlis by

gondola or cable car. The stunning views are sure to leave you at a loss of words, as you

make your way up the mountain.


The lakeside city of Lucerne has an old world charm to it. With fortified towers, wooden

bridges and timeworn churches giving this place a traditional and classic charisma. Close to

both, Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus, Lucerne offers exceptional hiking opportunities with

splendid panoramic views of the lakeside town. They also offer a cruise on the old fashioned

steamer around Lake Lucerne for the ones looking for a break from the adventurous side of

Switzerland. But if you like a bit of thrill along with your relaxation, then take the world’s

steepest cogwheel railroad to get to Mount Pilatus.


The most cosmopolitan city of Switzerland, Zurich spans the beautiful river of Limmat. A

major entry point into the country, Zurich is also the cultural hub of Switzerland. While the

city has maintained its historical roots in some parts, the others have been remodelled into

museums and art galleries making the city’s cultural background stronger. Zurich is more

about one’s own exploration, whether its strolling down the old town, or looking at

beautiful churches or getting lost in the best museums Switzerland has to offer. However, Zurich also hosts the Street Parade, one of Europe’s biggest annual rave parties, in case

that’s the kind of vacation you are looking for.


Home to the greatest Swiss chocolate makers, Geneva is nestled by breath-taking

mountains and alps. A city that is explored best on foot, Geneva lets you dive into the

history of Switzerland. With marvelous buildings, museums and a delectable gastronomical

experience, Geneva is also home to the world’s tallest fountain, the Jet d’Eau. A common

arrival point for travelers, Geneva is almost sure to be on your travel itinerary, so make the

most of your day by indulging in fondue, streaming across Lake Geneva and getting your

hands on the famous Swiss chocolates.

One of the most beautiful countries of the world, Switzerland also stands proud as one of

the safest countries in the world owing to its low crime rate. It offers you the luxury of

experiencing nature at its most pristine form. Summers in Switzerland are the most talked

about because while the sun is out, you can still see the snowcapped mountains glistening

in the rays.


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