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Ladka hai ya ladki

The whisper that surrounds me

Sometimes not an undertone

Sometimes a loud question

Short haired boy

Long haired girl

The societal norm

A shackled crown

Gossips and murmurs

Get me a time turner

Make the 10 year old me an armour

Confidence broken to a point of murder

Self love is the key

However it doesn’t come easy

Don’t mean to sound preachy

But it’s what keeps me from being uneasy 


De aazaadi itni ki tere kaid me reh saku

De humdardi itni ki teri qurbat na chod saku. 


Intezaar tera jaane kyu laga rehta hai, 

Arre tu toh woh atar ki tarah hai jo bheegne par bhi khushboo chod jaata hai. 


Kabhi tujhe raaton ki tanhayi me mehsoos kiya toh kabhi bhare bazaar me

Kabhi tujhe meri kitaabo ke panno me paaya toh kabhi baarish ki chalakti boondo me


Teri lat lag chuki hai par aadat nahi

Teri justajoo hai par tu hi mera sukoon bhi


Anjaan hu iss baat se mein ki tu sach hai ya meri Zehen ka khel 

Par jaanta hu ki teri wajah se aazaad hu, aur tera hi qaidi bhi. 


I read somewhere that falling in love is easier than being in love. I guess it is, because falling in love with you was the simplest feeling in this complicated web of uncertain emotions.

It happened every time you smiled a little wider and laughed a little harder. It happened when you got caught up in your own world and I was left staring at mine. It happened when you rolled your eyes or tried stifling a laugh so that you could complete a story. 

It happened a lot of times, and it’s happening a lot of times. Because I still find myself falling in love with every little thing that you do and holding onto every little thing that you say. 

So maybe falling in love is easier and being in love isn't, but what if I never stop falling? 


Drunk & Dusted 

I walk home wasted


He opens the door and holds me as I stumble inside,

Tucks me in as I pass out,

My best friend. 


Groggy eyes and a new morning,

He greets me with coffee and a last warning, 

Discussions and arguments,

Like the verdict of the parliament,

My parent. 


Enters my room with a peace offering,

A box of chocolates and the anger softening,

Sharing a piece and stealing it back,

Proving he’s still my childhood whack,

My Brother.


She’s like a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning, spreading warmth and joy to every tired limb.

But she can also be a hard shot of whiskey, burning down your throat, fiercely taking over your heart and mind. 


Tick tock tick tock

Time refuses to stop

It’s us he mocks

The bomb of another year drops 


Tick tock tick tock

Clink your glass

Another resolution locked

Same as the last one you tossed 


Tick tock tick tock

New year New me 

The ship of a better year is docked 

Are you aboard or in the sea? 


Tick tock tick tock

Giving up on the year already

What about the good things stocked? 

Is your belief already unsteady? 


Tick tock tick tock

Don’t give up just yet 

Let fate knock

Place some bets

Be your own rock. 

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